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Welcome to #WatchHerWork – featuring career conversations for the curious.

Don’t you always want to know how she does it? I know I do. I am obsessed with people’s stories.

This is my chance to be nosy. To ask brilliant women of all stripes a few Qs and soak in the As – and go beyond the LinkedIn profile, the glossy headshot – to hear not just what they do, but why they do it, and how they got there.

We are living in a time of critical conversation for women and work. Lean In. Opt out. The wage gap, gender parity and #TimesUp.

#WatchHerWork exists in the spaces in between. These profiles are snapshots – small slices of big lives, well lived. Where the work worth watching happens.

Thanks for reading along.


PS - If you want to know more about my own career story, check out my day job here.